LearnAskill: 12 Profitable Skills To Learn This Year

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LearnAskill That Pays: This ebook is a 21st-century guide that contains 12 Money-making skills you can learn in 28 days, and become a big-shot in this digital and data era.

This book contains straight-to-the-point strategies on how you can learn and monetize any of the 12 skills listed below.

1. Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

The basic formula that works today.

You’ll learn the simple steps for understanding and making money from affiliate programs.

2. Tutoring Skills

The 2 major approaches to tutoring.

Do you have a passion for tutoring? In this chapter, you’ll learn tutoring tactics with these 5 keys that will empower you to monetize your tutoring skill in less than 28 days.

3. Learn Blogging Basics

How to start a blog in 6 steps.

You’ll learn how to make money blogging + Common mistakes bloggers make and the solutions to apply.

4. Copywriting

How to become a copywriter and make money by writing sales copies.

Here, you’ll discover the 3 types of copywriter you can become and strategies on how to make money from writing.

5. Beginners Guide To Information Marketing

How to leverage your time by selling information products.

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to start a successful information marketing business and the six reasons why you should build one today.

6. Proofreading Skills

How to become a proofreader with 7 proofreading resources.

I can guess that you never knew that you can make money by spotting typos and errors. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to become a proofreader and make money from anywhere in the world.

7. Making Money On YouTube

Becoming a YouTuber.

In this chapter, I discussed extensively, the 8 steps on how to make money from YouTube. These eight steps are tested and proven and can help make your vlogging dream come true.

8. Becoming A Social Media Manager

How to make money from social media.

This chapter explains in detail how I make money as a social media manager and also a content creator. After reading through, you’ll have a basic understanding of how to become and make money as a social media manager if you apply the tactics I revealed.

9. Website Design Skills

9 ways to make money as a website designer.

In this chapter, I went straight to the point to reveal the 9 strategic ways to make money as a web designer + the Pros & Cons in the web development and design industry.

10. Podcasting For Beginners

Launch your own podcast today.

This chapter is a straight-to-the-point step on how to start a podcast almost immediately, for free.

11. Graphic Design Skills

How graphic design affects your business in this digital era.

Here, you’ll discover the impact of graphic design on the success of your business.

12. Strategic Marketing Skills

9 brilliant marketing strategies for entrepreneurs.

In this chapter, I revealed the secret weapon on how to successfully market your brand as brilliant entrepreneurs do.

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