15 Legit Ways To Make Extra Income With Your Skills

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1. Affiliate Marketing

It is the process of earning a commission by selling someone else’s product(s). How? Once you find a product that interests you, you can market it online or offline and earn a profit for each sale that you make based on the commission attached to the product. Watch this video on YouTube to learn more.


2. Home Tutor

This service most times involves 1-on-1 attention provided to a student, or in most cases, provided to a group of students. The tutor (based on your field of study) provides academic guidance and course/subject breakdown to the student(s) and get paid for the service rendered.


3. Online Tutor

Similar to home tutor but this time, the service provider (the tutor) can reach more students online irrespective of their location. You can check out HS Tutorial on YouTube to get the full idea of how online tutoring works. The tutor gets paid by either providing an online course for premium students or by monetizing his/her platform by providing extra or special services.


4. Magazine Writer

According to an article written by “The Balance Careers, How to Become a Magazine Writer or Freelancer,” they pointed out that magazine writers are essentially ​journalists who find, research, and write stories that interest readers. Aside from being a journalist, you can find, research and write genuine stories and get paid by doing so.


5. Copywriting

Copywriting is the act or occupation of writing or composing a text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. Imagine how profitable and lucrative this act is. To help you get a better understanding of the concept of copywriting, watch this video on YouTube.


6. Author

Do you know that you can make more money by putting an experience (or history) into writing? As an author, you’re considered a writer, and just like copywriting, you can build your skill and monetize it by writing a book(s) while you engage in other regular business activities.


7. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is a person responsible for keeping records or documents for a business. According to AccountingCoach “What is a bookkeeper?”, It was stated that a bookkeeper record the large volume of transactions involving purchases, payroll, payment of bills, sales, collection of accounts receivable, and more. The beautiful thing about this is that you don’t need a certification to become a bookkeeper.


8. Proofreader

Do you have the motivation to work on your own, and to meet deadlines reading articles? Or you have got the ability to stay focused throughout an entire document, which may be long and technical? Then, consider proofreading as a job to apply for. As a proofreader, your job is to do exactly what your job title suggests: you’ll have to proofread materials for syntax, grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, usage, and brand voice.


9. YouTuber

YouTube is a great place for individuals or group of persons who wants to make extra income or gain popularity by sharing searchable contents or providing a solution to a challenge. A YouTuber, also known as a YouTube personality or YouTube content creator, is a type of videographer who produces videos for the video-sharing website YouTube. Do you want to start out with yYouTube this year? Watch this video made by one of my mentors.


10. Product Review

Just like affiliate marketing, but the beautiful thing about product reviews is that you can make money by answering online surveys that seek your opinion about a specific product(s) or brands. You can also make money by signing up to test a product and make a review about it on your blog, your YouTube channel, and even your Facebook feed. Learn more about writing a product review here.


11. Exercise Instructor

Yeah! Permit me to talk about my friend in this section as a typical example of how you can make legit money doing something you love. Rose is a certified fitness trainer who trains individuals or groups of persons (companies staff inclusive) on how to live a healthy life being fit. Interesting, right? If you’ve got such passion for fitness and the likes, why don’t you be like her? Check out her Instagram handle here.


12. Make Beats

There’s nothing much to say about this. It’s pretty simple and I hope that you’re not among the 70% talented and skilled individuals that procrastinate. Are you good at making music beats? Take a leap of faith to set up an Instagram or Facebook account or even a YouTube channel and publish your freestyle videos. Who knows? somebody might send in an offer. Are you thinking about how to get started? Get in touch with me via WhatsApp.


13. Social Media Manager

As a social media manager. You’ll take charge of representing a company across social channels (depending on the channels they belong to) as the sole voice of the brand. You’ll respond to comments, compile campaigns, and create content. Most importantly, you’ll provide the company or organization with the guidance needed to enhance their online presence.

NB: You’ll need to have a basic understanding of digital marketing (most especially, Facebook). Considering a basic knowledge in Facebook marketing? enroll today to learn Facebook marketing from me.


14. Web Designer

A web designer is someone who is both creative and technically inclined and uses both these attributes to build or redesign websites. As a web designer or developer, you must have the ability to understand what is needed to make a website functional and easy to use, but at the same time make it easy for the user to navigate. Learn website development.


15. Graphic Designer

The single most important skill you need to make more money as a graphic designer is to be creative and to love the art. As a graphic designer, you must be able to create high-engaging content with a combination of symbols, text, and images. If you’re good at this, you can tag yourself as a freelance graphic designer or build your brand as a graphic designer, then, display your content online to attract prospects to you.


Do you want to learn more ways to make extra income with your skills? Click here to learn a skill that pays.

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